Ingrid Goes West is the Aubrey Plaza star vehicle that has been sorely needed since the end of Parks and Rec. With the middling horror-comedy Life After Beth and the unspeakable cinematic crimes of Dirty Grandpa and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (both of which Plaza was MVP, admittedly), it is as though she... Continue Reading →


Is Yorgos Lanthimos’ latest film a comedy? The Lobster, the Greek director’s first English language production, was an aggressively absurdist Bunuelian comedy of manners exploring the rituals of romance. Yet despite this madcap style and the recognisable names he attracts, Lanthimos is often spoken about as a highly austere filmmaker. With the latest of his... Continue Reading →

Call Me By Your Name needs a reality check

Call Me By Your Name is a dizzying ode to summer romance that reminds of Rohmer’s depictions of young people in films like A Summer’s Tale. Luca Guadagnino evokes his homeland with simple direction that makes one yearn for a vacation like this. It puts Aziz Ansari’s holiday scrapbook to shame. The performances are first-rate,... Continue Reading →


It would be great if we could collectively stop talking about a film like Blade Runner 2049 in terms of its box office and look at its various qualities instead. The nearly 3-hour soft-reboot-cum-sequel to Ridley Scott’s canonised 1982 Science Fiction/Noir hybrid may however purposefully dissatisfy audiences, director Denis Villeneuve almost encourages the refusal by... Continue Reading →


Logan Lucky comes at the end of a summer which has underwhelmed at the box office despite providing exciting cinema each week. Steven Soderbergh’s return from retirement, a South Carolina set heist film, has been sold as a return to his Oceans Trilogy days while actually delivering something with a far more measured pace and... Continue Reading →


Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is an independent French film which has been playing in multiplexes across the globe. And though it may be the John Carter sequel that only a few of us wanted, its failures are noble. There is a complex space opera narrative, the gist of which is well... Continue Reading →


‘Now that’s why I voted leave!’ - woman leaving the cinema, fists aloft, yelling. SPOILERS WITHIN Dunkirk is a highly cerebral film which explores the strange rituals of the military and the dehumanising process of war. In it, director Christopher Nolan delivers set pieces that are hard to believe could be achieved. In it, Hans Zimmer... Continue Reading →

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