Review: CHI-RAQ

Aristophones’ Lysistrata is one of the most important plays ever written. Aside from being one of the earliest surviving comedies, it is one with a raunchy universality that ensures its endurance. The focus on duel wars: of the sexes and of the battlefield, has made the political resonance of the play easy to re-contextualise, and […]

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Review: TRUMBO

I tend to balk at the term ‘awards bait’, I think it can be reductive to the work put in by the cast and crew. I don’t believe that films are made with the singular purpose of winning awards; people want to tell stories, and sometimes marketing and PR spins them into statue collecting powerhouses […]

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Review: ROOM

With Room, Irish director Lenny Abrahamson covers a topic that we are seeing more and more with a style and sensitivity that is all his own. Inspired by a glut of chilling real life cases, stories of imprisonment and sexual abuse on film and television have strangely been going through renaissance of late, with Netflix’s […]

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[Mild spoilers follow, but this film is based on a true story] As one of this year’s strongest award contenders, with its true story basis, an ensemble full of heavyweights like Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams and Mark Ruffalo, and large themes of global relevance in its retelling of the journalistic investigation into the cover up of […]

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Review: JOY

David O. Russell has come to a standstill. Leaping onto the US Indie scene in the 90s with Spanking The Monkey and Flirting With Disaster a pair of equally screwball Gen-X examinations of modern American society, particularly through the lens of the family, full of neurotic characters and Oedipal anxiety, Russell appeared as one of […]

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