Review: OKJA

  One of few survivors from the Korean New Wave, which dominated Tartan and Artificial Eye DVDs in the mid-00s, Bong Joon-Ho is a craftsman who has delivered one of the most entertaining films of the summer with his latest, Netflix produced feature. 

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When his father figure cousin marries another distant relative, Rachel in Italy, and rapidly declines in health, Philip (Sam Claflin as a volatile Hugh Grant type) is sure Rachel is after his inheritance. But when she appears at his house in the figure of that centre of gravitas Rachel Weisz, Philip is immediately lost to […]

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A Hot Take on Wonder Woman

Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman has confounded expectations set up by previous entries into the DC Cinematic Universe by being coherent, light of touch, and having fully developed characters. Counter to the authoritarian worldview and oppressive visual style of Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad (both arguably contributing factors in the victory of Brexit and Donald […]

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Toni Erdmann is the film for 2017. Maran Ade’s German Comedy about an ageing hippy pulling pranks to get his uptight daughter’s attention is made up of in-jokes; the glory of the film is how it pulls us inside the frame of reference within which the characters exist, delivered with such sincerity that it appears […]

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